LOW~tech  poor cla$$   WASTE D.I.Y.  sound\video  &..  

BALALAYKA // swing~masters

  Quintetto in uno ~

  - doll guitar
  - five diferent toys
  - with lighting efects..
  - playce to hold more microchips..

The Stars are the diamonds of the poor who embarrassed to have more than riches .. And .. Only NOISE .. Outside of the sparks in the Sky ..

He's standing down ..
By Chapter House ..
Pilot .. Space~Pilot ..
All what he do .. But ..
Standing is nothing .!
He is a Pilot .! Space~Pilot ..

You'll understand .. your fear has eyes like rabbit~moon~ `````` ```` ``````````controls .```````` ```````` ``````` And .. Man .. When you walk in my shoes .. yo`` ``` ``~~```` ``````~~~````` `u .. realize that.. the Devil isn't so black ..

=russian not surender=

- there is trio toys inside and..
also that is a microfon amplifier
lighting surprising!

There is a wonderful t .. t .. t .. radition in this sector .. One of .. It .. The cult of power what built on the worship of ancestors .. That had fallen in .. Great War .. Recently .. Was a great holiday .. Devoted .. Into appearance of a regular army .! And .. We made this tool out of old doll piano and three toys sin~cerity inside.. To express .. Across .. Prepared mixer ..


 - old doll piano from USSR
 - trio microcip from toys ..
 - motor with lighting ..
 - piezoelectric sensors system
 - StEReO (2CH) OuT ~

My Time~Machine was broken but I had met another Time~Traveler .. That is a Tell~Doll and she's here .. to spin~~spell~time! That's what she told ..

Birthday of Ukraine constitution .? Hi-ho .!
Karlsson~ on the Roof~ came to tell how happy he is ..

I was able to make recording only sound of his magic engine .. But ..
Everything was said .! And .. Difficult to disagree .. Hi-ho .!


 = fUCk ! We LoOK lIKE bAlLS & wHIStlES = 




I haven't special education and no education at all, - all that I know is only hard fruits of constant at self-education and practice.! that .. so ~ many ~ ~ crashed  ..

 Enjoy .!  Hi-ho .!

 = TRIP = 

I start in Odessa, cross Black Sea by ferry-boat and went in Georgia .. After that I visited Armenia and comeback to Georgia again, cross Turkey, Greece and went to Italy..

Want get to Portugal .. but my old bicycle was broken in Italy..

Is it a sound of Temporal Time to starting read ..
one of the book from Sasha Sokolov .?
Who Know .?

= Ra Ve Re Act Or =

There is toy from and ..
also that is ..
prepared microphone amplifier with different sound effects ..
and ..

Everything that surrounds us ..
It is in constant movement and interaction ..
Everything that surrounds us is interconnected and active ..

Everything is alive .!

Alien ask ~
My Snail Is Sick or .?

Using prepared toy-piano.. That is mixed toys and PlasmaBall to make Alien~Instrument from Futurama Universe..
NeWs // B/i // ViDeOs // anti$$$ // CrEdItS











 Hi there.!   

The website is still not ready .. 
But .. I'm working ..

I'm working .. And .. Fix .. ed .. it ..  
Now .. 

Something work .. something not ..
~ ~ ~   
or .. some else ..  


 Let's making fucking noise .. 
 or .. else something funny .!  

] XX18 [

М Я С О Р У Б К А / ODS|UA ... [22 JUN]

Noise Festival on Tour / ODS|UA ... [26 APR]

Workshop @ Primary school / SHA|CN ... [12 FEB]

NOIShanghai / SHA|CN ... [27 JAN]

] XX17 [

Koschey Noise Party / KIY|UA ... [20 DEC]

NOISE ATTACTS vol.2 / ODS|UA ... [14 NOV]

9/11=0.81818181818 / ODS|UA ... [11 SEP]

Paralel Biennale / ODS|UA ... [29 AUG~
of Contemporary Art            ~07 SEP]

meditaction @ MMC / ODS|UA ... [30 AUG]
New Weird Fest 4 / MOS|RF ... [12 AUG]
Secret Party / MOS|RF ... [11 AUG]
Kos4ey'CLUB / KIY|UA ... [09 AUG]

Electric JAM @ MMC / ODS|UA ... [31 JUL]
480 km PANOPTICUM / ODS|UA ... [09 JUL]

NOISE ATTACTS vol.1 / ODS|UA ... [07 JUN]

Kos4ey'CLUB / KIY|UA ... [21 MAY]
Kyiv Maker Faire / KIY|UA ... [21 MAY]
EROTIKA'vol.5 / MOS|RF ... [19 MAY]

2D&2N / ODS|UA ... [25 APR]
April Fools' Day / ODS|UA ... [01 APR]

Choker'club / SPB|RF ... [03 MAR]

MACHTY'club / SPB|RF ... [27 FEB]
PROSTO'club / SPB|RF ... [07 FEB]



One day two of good friends present to me .. a phone .! With the ability to .. record video ~
and now ..

Glad report at .. to .. there is at one sooooo loooong fifteen-minute film, with a hard-spoken title .. That is a silent film ..

.. a silent film ~ and here is .. the sounds .. that .. called .. ..
same time ~

But.. you can choose diferent and that's will .. allow to .. enjoy to depth of moments snatched from time in journey to planet Zhongguo ~

In ad .. addition, not so loooong .. good friend together with great drummer chopped and knocked a steep~jazz~bbband .. And here .. me .. could not deny myself to this and took part as an operator at a concert and mounted and mixed all this, using the freshest materials by morning Petrograd .. And ..

In result, , formed a very peculiar and smart picture ..

However more noteworthy near-musical sketches were made almost a year ago during the arrival of the FCKN BSTRDS to Odessa, but in St. Petersburg was one more recording so beautiful music~clip .. It was shoting completely live, from the TV that worked in the bar ..



Present website, all toys and materials here is broken and used not for these destination with the help and direct participation of you ~ from me ..

Time ~

My journey was delayed ~ ~

So .. Last ten years I just collected toys .. Bay at the flea~markt or found at waste to .. cast off in a drawers, like a stones..

Now the time to cast them away ..

Time ~

Many people ask me .. Sell something .. But .. They do not understand that .. With all the desire .. Will not play with them .. Do not know .. How they work and why .? Becouse ~

They are all different and there is no scheme, there is only a practical recipe, .. In order to .. Create something like this .. Self-reliant.!

Only when you create them .. You understand .. That .. Each of them is .. Finished noise composition and that will never be different, but .. always will different in .. time .!

What do I want to say? I want to say that I can not sell any of these toys .. They are unique and even I will not be able to repeat them as they became ~

However, I have already presented some of them and continue to present them to some friends .. or .. sometimes staying them at the places when we playing ..


I have some spare parts and components that you may need to make of such Toys~ and ..

    There are:   
  • Potentiometers 2M Ω

Just write me a letter indicating the details you need.! You pay only postage.


Think that it is necessary to create a diferent site to .. list all those who get involvement in this project .. but ..

That is only one person without which nothing would happen at all and .. in fact .. all this is only a small part of recognition for your infinity love and sufferance .. Dandan!

Anyway ..

Dozens people took part in this before and after and cann't mention only some of them ..

For example .. The owners of the MORE-CLUB, two Alexanders, who allowed me get noise concerts in these club .. a little .. it's so important when you live in the provinces and people around think you look like an alien with that сrazy sounds .. Thank you, guys .!

Allso that is would be impossible without Daniel who organizete EROTIKA festival in Moscow.. Dmitry Bulgakov, Dima Anikin, Mitya and Evgeniy Muratov and my uncle, also Evgeniy.! Grigory .. Philip .. Benja ... Maxim .. Oleg .. Aleksandr ..

Hello, Olesya and thank you for your suit with light bulbs to me.. and scotch~ tape~ to .! .. Hey, Kima and Marina! Grand Merci for your help with some video and foto content to that site .! Tuule .. Lara .. Tanya .. Olga .. And .. that lady from the shop of radio parts, that looks at me as if waiting for an unpredictable question that will surely follow .. And .. many~ many~ more .. more friends ..

Great thanks to .. My close friend Roman who take and hosted that small page at his space!

Grand Mersi to you .!
You, - best .!

All this could not be without support of friends, but totally unfamiliar people sometimes took their support without even knowing about that ..

For example ..

Most of the microchips from toys was bought from a flea market where absolutly charismatic old man who every time already get acquaintanceship anew with me .. sale it .! ~ think .. apparently he has friends in the rubbish dump who bring these parts to sale ,, Anyway he played a big part and I remember about that halp and many others helpers like him to ~ ~ I haven't a simple words to tell about all of ~ ~

So appreciate to your, sometimes even unintended, support .!

Thay and many other always supported each other .! Thats so important .. Realy .! Becose .. it's so dificult to .. find real friends .. in time .. Past~Present~Time~ .. I'm so glad that you are one of them.!


P.S. Hey, giys from squat in Bary! You to.. You do ii to.!

And .. Thanks .. To you ~ Too ~ ~

[Basic Info]

Who am i .?

I was born on planet Earth in the last millennium in a small country and .. All my generation was ready to be a cosmonauts ~

Over time, that small country crashed and a lot of people there come to very special adventure ~
Me too ..

I was young, case my way already to that adventure ~ And.. Come to St. Pitersburg (RF).. Where.. Meet some people and more..

That's steel me for today ~


That time I took into the conception of noise .. Not without help from people who walking by that way before .. Each did his one's own to anothe.. Together ~


After more than ten years.. I get and traveling by my old bicycle and.. Playing again ~ Not so good playing because not ready for that.. But.. Thing that moment I understand what can do.. And.. That was great.!


Start practicing and get first own experiments with partnership with few people in Odessa (UA)..

One of .. Dominika Verchovskaya .. She is the poet, a great .! We are conjoint a very special project
to play and recording few noise compositions together ..


With attended by Benya Zuev and Ira Shestova we was connected, then noise~toys and dissolve together conjoint project ~

After that, few times incognito playing at noise~festival EROTIKA in Moscow (RF) then meet so many different and interesting people around..

Also ..

Same .. incognito .. Beat a performance at festival of modern academic music = 2D&2N = in Odessa (UA) and .. together with Paul / = Nakateem = / we give a great at festival of memory to Sergey Kyrechin = SKIF = at St.Petersburg (RF) .. and .. aNeW .! Together with Dominica we create new project ..
I called it


Today .. Last few years.. Play soon .. all that .. from my own experience into life and that is a study .. Always ~

                               Circuit bending ~ CARS ~            

Any~Time all that can be copied will be copied 
This work is published from: Antarctica [AQ]